How to Set Up a Simple Intranet System at Home

Intranets can be good in many cases. It is beneficial in marketing, organizing even social aspects. And good intranet systems can be set up for you by a good IT company or a solutions provider. All you needed today is to contact one.

home-slide-IntranetBut then, for the fun of it, why don’t you start or try building a simple intranet system for home or office use? You’re asking how? Take these steps.

  • Ask yourself what you will need the intranet for, what will be its purpose. You’ll enumerate what you want to be inside that intranet you want to set up.
  • Put links to all the processes your office may have if you are building one for the office. Links should be pointing to web or the company newsletter. Your goal here is to create a system that will help manage content and make it easy for your family or co workers to navigate important issues.
  • You can add the Install Internet Information to you computer for a start. It can be as easy as installing all other programs, as to its usefulness, it will be discussed next.
  • IIS or the Install Internet Information will then install a website and ask you to configure it. So you will now then be led to create that home or office intranet systems.
  • Follow IIS instructions. IN here you can change the website name, create at least one web page, and then create links for the web page.
  • You can rename each webpage that you do.
  • Make your intranet now accessible. You can do this by creating shortcuts through your computer and adding IP address of those you want to access it.
  • Take time to do the entire process and make use for web apps.
  • Make use of your intranet as responsibly as possible.

That was a rough draft of what to do. Detailed example can be available though. But then, for good measure, why not hire and expert instead? What will be the advantages?

  • An expert will get to the goals you had likely set. No shortcuts and everything will be implemented nicely.
  • You get the best of the service from a certified company securely.
  • You will be notified as to its process and progress, you won’t be guessing for it yourself.
  • They know the secrets of the trade and they will get to personalize your intranet at a fast speed and at a single request.
  • Complicated codes and configuration can be done easily.
  • You can request added complicated features.
  • You will only sit back, relax and wait for it.
  • After the delivery you’ll get the intranet better than you expect it to be.
  • You are now ready for the orientation!

Yes, make sure that you get an orientation from your provider or developer on how to operate it. Make sure you leaner everything. Then be oriented about trouble shouting issues.

About the Author

She is the writer of Elcom, global provider of enterprise web content management solutions to help small businesses or organizations achieve goals for websites, intranet systems, learning management, e-commerce and more. She is also a geek when it comes to technology and for her, it has changed our way of life.


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